30+ years experience in graphics and the creative.
15+ years experience in instructional design and online education.
15+ years experience in art instruction-in class, online.


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Haiti 2013

Photo by Artist

Photography 2016


Photography 2016


AOP Gallery Show

(Association of Photographers) London, Sublime, Representations of Awe in Contemporty Imagery, January 6-26, 2006

Photography 2016

Mookie and Ma

Photography 2016


Photography 2016


Photography 2016


Photography 2016


Hawaiian Temple print

Temple Engraving
GL Nelson, 2003
Intaglio Print, hand colored

Bird Boat

Engraving, 2003

China 2007

Hangzhou Orient Culture Park

My Name is EzelL

Inspired illustrations and message - Read the story behind this little book... Gayle Lynn Nelson

Backyard Hawaii

Photo by Artist

Grand Central Central Park Park Avenue

GL Nelson 2004 Engravings HandColoured

Bass Performance Hall

Fort Worth TX GL Nelson 2005 Engraved Print, Digitally Enhanced

London Gallery Exhibit

Do Not Allow Katrina To Steal Your Joy GL Nelson Pascagoula MS London Gallery Exhibit 9-11-2005

Ferns Hawaii

Photo by Artist

Garden Quintessence

GL Nelson 2008 Photos-DigitalMontage

Alki Beach


Seattle 2017

Photo by artist

Mae Seattle 2015


More connections. Less connection.

Photo by Artist, 2017

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themed object
Gayle Nelson
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 Life. Part I.

Exhilarating journey.
1957-2017. 60 years.
Blunders. Lessons. Sorrow. Contentment. Obliviousness. Enlightenment. Love. Regret. Love. Thankfulness.

First love.
He wanted us to experience others when he left for college… thoughts of his pearl necklace flying across the room.

First marriage.
He wouldn’t share, yet gave me two gifts. I instinctively left him, but treasure the precious gifts.

First obsession.
He mesmerized, then wounded, and tried to make a choice for me. I kept this Father’s Day 1991 love creation. Sustained blessings and joy.

First connection.
She picked up the pieces, remains decades later, still helps me grow, provides shelter and peace.
Unhealthy to healthy. Communication. Equality. Endurance.

Born into one. Conditional. Re-creation of family. Unconditional.
Children. Teachers. Foundation. Stability. Love.
Grandchildren. More love.

I miss my guitar-artist friend and the opportunity to say good-bye.
Old friends through the decades. Some share. Some understand. Some I’ve let go of. Some let go of me.
Thank God for my Mobile friend - my dear cohort in life, understanding unconditional.

Only one. Being a contributor and source of another’s disease and demise.

To others. To family. To Divinity.
Haiti. One person at a time. Ripples.

Illinois. Brother camaraderie. Snow.
Alabama. Intolerance.
Washington. Home.

Struggle for human dignity and protections.
Greed and corrupt power reigns. Godlessness. Kindness squelched.
Continued journey.
Hope, acceptance, inclusion, love, union, oneness.

Waitress. Art Director. Teacher. Amazonian.
I’ve been fired. I’ve fired.
From $5 an hour to triple-digit salary, enjoyment came through connection with others and pride in the work, not the salary.
My new boss, a virtual boss. I don’t have a boss, and I don’t have to be a boss. Contract work. Freedom.

Black and white television. Remote-less.
Computers now attached to every human. More connections, yet less connection.

Removes shackles. Freedom of expression. Heals. I miss it.

Syracuse, campus, summer residency, mid-30s, thinking “I’m too old to be sweating it out in a dorm…”
Still working on my doctorate at 60. Why? Hands-on art study taking away time for my own hands-on art making.
Education increases possibilities.
Wisdom is paramount. Education, less so.

Hold on to this healer. For me. For you. For us.
Love is consciously allowing openness.

Life. A tapestry.
It feels good to wrap up my existence in a neat little package.
What will the Lord of the Universe do with me next…
Life. Part II.


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